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What is it about?


Purpose of the project

The planning and realisation of various 1-day nature-hiking trails (river-hiking-trails) in Gambia (West Africa). The project shall facilitate sustainable tourism, create perpetual source of income to people and consequently promote an antipoverty program for the country.


When and why was the project originated? Which detailed setup?


The idea of the project was born in Jan.2018 during my journey through Senegal and Gambia on the occasion of the opening ceremonies of the landscape of the year 2018/2019. A campaign of NFI (Nature Friends Internationale).
It was planned, with the approval and support of the Gambiam authorities, to establish various Nature-Hiking-Trails through the tropical forests along the Gambia River in the surroundings of Janjanbureh.
The trails were established as 6 one-day-sections. The day sections are terminating each in Janjanbureh on the river island where lodging facilities will be available. The trails shall accomodate single hikers and hiking groups. The hikers will be guided/accompanied by trained (knowledge of flora and fauna, ornithology, first aid etc) local Nature Guides.
The hikers will carry small luggage (daypacks). The heavy luggage will remain in the accomodation. Boarding will be provided local, serving typical food. 3 Trails are ending in Janjanbureh and for 3 trails return transport  by boat will be organised.

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