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Sustainable Impacts

Effect of the project? Which large scale changes are to be targeted?
is an extremely poor country (main export consits of peanuts). Only since 2017 Gambia has a democratic government which aims now to open the country for tourism. There is a great potential by cross-border cooperation with local people to develop perspectives for a sustainable soft and ecological tourism.

It is my intension to support the gambian people in establishing an ecological touristic infrastructure in the region in order to accomplish a source of income and fight poverty.

Where is this project a good example for a livable society?

In particular in the countries of the Sahel Zone the climate change has dramatical impacts to the people of this region. The consequences are well known. The project provides a particular input for a sustainable development and cautious handling of available natural resources. During operation of the trails consideration shall be given to protect nature and environment. Both the tourists and rural population shall be sensitized in this regard.

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