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Packing List for the Hiker
  • Sweat absorbing broad-brimmed hat
  • 2-3 long sleeve shirts
  • 1 short sleeve shirt
  • 2 functional T-shirts
  • 2  functional long trousers
  • 1-2 short trousers
  • hiking shoes light (predominantly flat area)
  • Sandals (which can be used in water)
  • Headlight (LED)
  • Backpack (e.g. 20-30 ltr)
  • Sunprotection lotion 30+
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • swimming gear
  • 2 functional towels
  • sleeping bag (light) night temps >20°C
  • fleece jacket
  • first aid kit light
  • hiking sticks (optional)
  • sunglasses
Note: Some airlines flying to Gambia accept 2 suitcases a 23kg. Since the Gambian population in general is lacking of many basic things it is recommended to fill up a spare suitcase not needed anymore with any goods like cloths, pens and pads of notepapers for the school kids, tools, toys, kitchen aids, in principal everything which can be dispensed in the western household. For your comfort during the journey in Gambia this second suitcase may be taken already at the airport and transported to your destination in Janjanbureh separately.
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