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Baobab Hiking Trail - Progress Report 03

Aktualisiert: 9. Feb. 2019

To date in total 6 Hiking Trails have been allocated, developed and drawn up on digital maps. In addition I have published the trails officially on the "Outdoor Active" App. where they can be reviewed by any user.

These trails are located in the surrounding of Janjanbureh. It can be considered as an intermediate stage of the project for this year, since the provision of overnight stays in small villages along the river, as planned originally, would require a considerable financial effort. Financially the project has no support so far.

However during last week a 4 day professional tourist guide training conducted by the GTB (Gambian Tourist Board) took place in Janjanbureh. I was invited to participate in this training and had the opportunity to introduce the Hiking Trail Project to 3 high ranking members of the GTB. GTB approved the approach with a favourable opinion.

Thus it was decided together with my local Project Team to promote the BAOBAB RIVER TRAILS with a Flyer at the worlds largest Travel Trade Fair ITB in Berlin in March 2019, where Gambia will be represented also by a member of the BAOBAB RIVER TRAIL team. The Flyer is presently under preparation with my team. (The team will be introduced in detail in my next progress report.)

The following 6 Hiking Trails were set up and will be properly marked with a physical colour code (blue paint) along the path as a next step.

  • Janjanbureh (JJB) - North Shore West Trail to Pankun Island

  • JJB - North Shore East Trail to Koli Bolong Hill

  • JJB - Island Trail West to Ndandu

  • JJB - Island Trail East to Kumbanyerr

  • JJB - South Shore East Trail to Kunkilling Forest

  • JJB - South Shore West Trail to Tabanani

By end of February I will be heading to the coastal region in order to appoint an Eco-Lodge where the hiking groups can spend a 2nd week relaxing, fishing, canoeing or participating in various other outdoor activities offered in this coastal area before their return flight home.

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