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2nd week - Coastal Area

Aktualisiert: 12. Nov. 2019

After one week hiking in the Central River Region, the surroundings of Janjanbureh, a second week in an Eco-Lodge at the Atlantic Ocean will be recommended. The location is about 20km south of the capital Banjul in the dunes of the Atlantic Ocean.

For nature lovers the place to be is


Tanji Bird Reserve Center

The lodge is a community project, so staffed by friendly local villagers. There is no running hot water in rooms, although each has an en-suite bathroom with shower.

A hideaway amongst nature

This small, simple property is a birdwatcher's paradise, perfectly located for you to discover a wide variety of birdlife, whether it be on the deserted sands that the property overlooks or around the manmade pools, found dotted throughout the grounds. Friendly service will ensure you have a relaxing and stress-free stay at Tanji, allowing you to focus your mind on more important things, like unpacking your binoculars for another morning of birdwatching.

Hidden a short distance from the road just south of Brufut, the four simple, circular lodges, each housing two basic yet comfortable rooms which are designed to remain cool, sit discreetly like miniature observatories gazing out to the deserted beach and ocean beyond. 

Eco living

Appropriately for a property located within a nature reserve is the ecological nature of the site itself. Although there is some use of solar power, there are no hot water showers, in order to save electricity. There is also a reliance on local ingredients for meals – some of which are grown on-site or sourced at the local Tanji Fishing Village. Meals are taken al fresco and the dishes are simple, enjoyed overlooking the beach from the elevated dining area. Gardens surround the bar area, where you can relax with a book when not immersing yourself in the flora and fauna that populate the area. 

Expert guiding around the local area

Currently on government-owned land, the eco-camp at Tanji Bird Reserve is a community-based project run and staffed by local people. Bird guides working in the reserve are available for hire enabling you to make the most of their expertise. Alternatively, you may choose to take a local boat excursion to Bijoul Island or explore the sights, sounds and smells of nearby Tanji Fishing Village where locals bring in their catch.

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