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Baobab Hiking Trail - Progress Report 01

I arrived at my destination Janjanbureh in the late afternoon on Jan 13th and received a very warm welcome by Omar Jammeh and his friends. Omar is my direct contact person and will be leading the project with my assistance and advice.

I will find time to introduce Omar and his team in more detail at a later stage.

Since the members of the organisation team were bussy with the preparation and conduction of the famous anual Kankurang Festival, which took place last weekend, the start of our work was delayed for these days.

However various internal meet and greets and project related conversations with team members and plenty of other curious people took place and the official kick-off meeting is now scheduled for Jan 24th.

The time in between I have used to explore the first sections of the trail which will be starting on the river island which is about 12km long, expanding east and west of the village Janjanbureh (JJB).

JJB after the festival, with a population of about 4000 is a quite and peaceful place again. Only a few individual travellers find their way up the river, about 300km east of the capital Banjul.

Exploring the island and enjoying the baobab trees

Waiting for the ferry at the north shore

Crossing the river at the south shore

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Jane Smith
Jane Smith
26. Feb. 2019

How great to be there again for the Second Kankurang Festival . I expect you saw a good development from last year's inauguration.

Gefällt mir
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