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Baobab Hiking Trail - Progress Report 04

After exploring and developing the 6 Trails in the surroundings of Janjanbureh the physical marking and paving is ongoing as a last step. Next week I plan to leave the Central River Region towards the Coastal Area until beginning of March, when my return flight is scheduled.

At the coast I inted to allocate an Eco-Lodge which can provide pick-up from Airport and accomodation for the hikers before and

Climbing high for Palmjuice

after the week in Janjanbureh.

We have trained 5 Hiking Guides who will now be able to accompany and guide the hikers on these trails. The Guides were recruted from JUST ACT, the organisation who will further run the project on behalf of the Gambian Community here in the Central River Region. The background and mission of JUST ACT will be discribed on this webpage in subsection 'The Team'. There the Guides and their Coordinator will also be introduced.

Crazy hikers, running around instead to relax in the shade ...

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Jane Smith
Jane Smith

Abaraka Gernot for entrusting this to JUST ACT. They are determined to develop Community Based Tourism which means the income goes back into the community for all to benefit. Such actives can only increase awareness of this beautiful area and enhance not only the lives of the hiking guides but bring further prosperity to the community as a whole over the coming years.

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